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Am maintaining two blogs at the moment so will probably only be posting favourite images with a few lines on this one. Taken on a walk at the weekend when the weather was doing mad things! The clouds were rising and falling around us and this was a moment when the sun broke through. I wanted to expose it less but the moment was so fleeting I only got two attempts. Brought some of the detail back in Photoshop though and I quite like the final effect.

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Ups and downs


It’s been a manic week of work and photography. I’m trialing some Kubota actions for 30 days to see which pack, if any, I want to get. They’re kind of annoying because there are some amazing actions but they’re littered all over the place and I wish I could pick and choose a certain number that I would actually use. Also, some of them are so tacky it’s unbelievable! And, there are quite a few I could do already, so the jury’s still out.

I’ve sorted through my archive and scans to pick out some wedding pics and children’s portraits to add to my website. I’ve just got to process them now, because some are even pre-photoshop! And tomorrow I’ve got an online workshop with Tamara Lackey via Creative Live. The more I look, the more I think I need to be in the US. There just don’t seem to be any good photography workshops this side of the pond! Let me know if you know of any!!


Today’s been a bit of a tough day. One of those days where you doubt everything that you try to believe in. Several of the signs I turn to in these times (horoscopes, tarot, i ching) have centered on the idea that I must leave the little, the petty things alone. I can’t control them and shouldn’t try. It will blow over. Except, it seems so much bigger than that – I’m tired. I must follow my dreams, turn to my dreams when I need strength, lean on them. Do I really want to fight this fight? What’s it really worth?

I’m a very honest person, too blunt at times I’m told. I don’t like to, as I see it, sugar-coat the truth because someone else can’t handle it. Today it seems as if that approach would have just been easier. How far can we go with our beliefs and integrity without just hurting ourselves? Is the stress worth the honesty when honesty is no longer an integral part of human life?

Time to image myself on a boat in the middle of the lake, letting the storm roll in. It’s one of those days where my mood and the weather are in harmony.


A new path

Autumn path

Over the course of the last few days, and I guess it’s been building for months and years now, I’ve realised that unless I take a leap and jump into what I really want to do in life, I’m never going to get there. What I really want to is to be able to work as a photographer, and to have the confidence to do so. But there seems to be so much to do. I would like to revamp my website but don’t want to spend money on it until the photos are representative of what I would like to do. So I need to sort through my wedding photos and choose a few to start me off. I hate the focus on my 350d kit lens, and a little scared about using my 50mm (I don’t know why!) so I’ve been putting it off until I get my new camera. I know I’m just making excuses for not starting but it’s really hard to break – especially when you’re working full-time anyway. So I need a plan, a plan to finish a few things off and get a few things started.

I need to finish: my NYC photos, because I was going to make a book for Lottie by Christmas; two big prints of Lago di Como for our bedroom – because I’m fed up of climbing around the empty frames!; module 2 of my SPI course – because I think it’s really going to help; watching Jasmine Star‘s amazing course from Creative Live – before I check out any more on Creative Live or Kelby. Switzerland is not equipped with classes that can help me and I need to find things on the net. I’m toying with the idea of contacting a local photographer to second shoot with but might need a bit more confidence still, let’s see how the year pans out.

I need to get some willing models both here and back in the UK for couples sessions, engagements, families and portraits (I might have a few guinea pigs in mind, arms to twist!); I need to work out spot metering and a better way to focus; I need to research getting perfect skin tones and crisp colours without over doing it; and I need to play more in Manual mode!

So, a few goals in hand.. I’ll let you know how I get on.

Chalet Vieux

Chalet vieux

Taken on a walk near Isenau, Vaud, Switzerland. I think it is near or right next to Chalet Vieux. I couldn’t get around the fence so in the end I gave into the fact it was going to be in the picture and tried to make the most of it. The sun was coming in and out of the clouds and I was lucky enough that it came out to show the reflection in the little lake.